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Business visa to New Zealand

Long Term Business Visa/Permit  – visa given to foreign citizens, who want to open a business on the territory of New Zealand. This visa issued for a term up to 9 months with the right to extend it up to 3 years under certain conditions:

  1. Availability of a detailed business-plan;
  2. Business management experience;
  3. Enough finances for living on the territory of New Zealand for the applicant and family members (20-25 thousands NZ$ per one person);
  4. IELTS Test Certificate with a score not less than 5.0;
  5. The absence of bankruptcy information and participation in illegal financial transactions.

Entrepreneur Policy –visa given to citizens, who opened a business within the territory of New Zealand, which make itself useful for the country and the economy.

Divided into 2 categories:

  1. Entrepreneur – visa given to citizens, who opened a business within the territory of New Zealand, which make itself useful for the country and the economy. The applicant for this visa must own not less than 25% of the company, work in a company not less than 30 hours per week, have an  IELTS Test Certificate with a score not less than 4.0 (the same for family members);
  2. Entrepreneur Plus – visa given to applicants gives the right to the accelerated receipt of a permanent residency, but also has a number of additional requirements unlike the Entrepreneur Visa:
    1. applicant can get Entrepreneur Plus under the condition than before he has had Long Term Business Visa/Permit;
    2. invest in business not less than 500.000 NZ$;
    3. create not less than 3 full-time workplaces for citizens of New Zealand or permanent residents.

Entrepreneur Visa и Entrepreneur Plus Visa allows its owners to claim the status of permanent resident of New Zealand.

Documents required to apply for a Transit visa must be provided in original or photocopy certified by notary and in English or translated into English by registered translation agency.

Documents required to apply for a Business visa:

  1. Valid foreign passport (original) or other travel document for each applicant, included in application. Passport is valid for at least three months from the moment of departure from the territory of New Zealand;
  2. Filled form INZ1189 for applying Transit visa with signature and date of filling out from each applicant, and form with additional information;
  3. 2 photos of size 4,5×3,5 from each applicant (name and last name of applicant should be written on the back);
  4. Proof of funds (one of the documents):
    1. statement of employment or contract;
    2. recent bank statement;
    3. document from the bank, that confirms availability of money on a credit card, if card indicated as verification for availability of money;
    4. sponsorship form INZ1025 (filled and signed by sponsor who lives on the territory of New Zealand)
  5. Visa fee receipt;
  6. Return airline ticket or departure guarantee from New Zealand territory according to sponsorship form;
  7. Sponsor’s or company’s invitation from New Zealand (fax, letter, e-mail etc.) where the member’s name, residential address and occupied position are mentioned, and also business trip dates or dates of meetings on the territory of New Zealand. Invitation can be written in free style on the form of a company with seal and stamp.

Documents, which also can be required:

  • two-sided photocopy of passport (pages with stamps and notes);
  • two-sided photocopy of foreign passport (pages with stamps and notes);
  • marriage, divorce certificate (if there are any);
  • other information, which confirms purposes of the trip on the territory of New Zealand and incentive to return home.

The application processing time takes up approximately 2 weeks, but depending on circumstances can be extended.

Visa officer has the right to demand photographs, documents, and other information, which will help in decision making and invite applicant for an interview.


  • Buying a ticket is not a 100% guarantee for issuing a visa! We do not recommend making an air ticket purchase until a visa is approved in principle (Approved in Principle).
  • At the moment, documents for registration of a New Zealand visa are submitted through the official website of the Immigration Service of New Zealand.
  • In the passport the visa is not pasted, and issued in electronic form (eVisa).
  • To apply for a visa, you must create an account in RealMe, after which you can upload documents and apply for a visa.
  • The applicant’s passport requires verification.
  • Visa fees are paid exclusively by credit card.

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