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Italian citizenship

From the 25 of March 1957, Italy is an EU member-state. Thus when foreigners obtain an Italian passport, they automatically become EU citizens.

Act № 91/1992 regulates the process of obtaining an Italian citizenship.

A person can become a citizen of Italy:
Through the process of naturalization

Individuals who legally reside in Italy:

  1. People of Italian origin and those foreigners born in Italy have the right to become citizens in 3 years.
  2. EU citizens can obtain an Italian citizenship in 4 years.
  3. Refugees, individuals without citizenship and adopted children over 18 may obtain Italian citizenship in 5 years.
  4. Businesspersons, investors, people who work in Italy and those who bought Italian real estate and have sources of income outside Italy can be granted Italian citizenship in 10 years.

Through marriage with an Italian citizen

If the marriage was conducted in Italy, a foreigner married to an Italian citizen can be granted Italian citizenship after 2 years of living together in the country. If the marriage was conducted abroad, obtaining citizenship would take 3 years. This term can be cut twice if the couple has a baby or adopts one.

Through having/ adopting a child

  1. Children whose parents or one parent is an Italian are automatically granted Italian citizenship, no matter where they have been born.
  2. Under aged children who live with their parents, when they are obtaining Italian citizenship, automatically become citizens of the country as well.
  3. Children born in Italy but cannot be identified automatically become Italian citizens.
  4. Children born in Italy from parents that lack citizenship automatically become Italian citizens.
  5. Under aged children adopted by Italians automaticallybecome Italians as well.

Documents required for citizenship:

  1. An application for citizenship in Italian.
  2. A translated into Italian and notarized birth certificate.
  3. An income statement for the last 3 years.
  4. A certificate stating the exact number of family members (if there is one).
  5. A certificate of criminal record and prosecution in Italy and the homeland of the foreigner.
  6. A document stating an Italian residential address (owned or leased).
  7. A copy of the permanent residence permit.

Sometimes Italian authorities may ask to provide a marriage certificate and health insurance.

Dual citizenship is allowed in Italy; therefore, foreigners may keep their previous passports as well.

After completing all the procedures, the foreigner will be invited to take an oath. If the person ignores the invitation for half a year, he or she won’t be granted Italian citizenship.

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