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About Russia

Russia is a huge, multinational country. It is a resource-rich country with amazing nature and diverse fauna. A country possesses great potential, but, unfortunately, it is not realized. However, this does not negate the fact of the beauty, uniqueness and deep identity of Russia. A huge number of architectural monuments, objects under UNESCO protection, as well as resorts that could be visited by anyone. But many people visit Russia not for the rest purposes.

Despite the tense international situation and conflict, more than 3,000,000 Ukrainians work and live in the territory of the Russian Federation. This shows that Russia is quite a hospitable country. Additionally, many people have relatives living on its territory. Strange though it might sound, but salaries are higher there, so if you decide to be employed in the Russian Federation or have a close relationship with Russian national, our company will help you with the relocation and preparation of all necessary documents. You should not forget that whatever is going on among the higher-ups, this should not influence your choice and decisions.


Information on the Russian Federation for 2019
Capital  Moscow  
Total area  17 125 191 km²
Political system  Semi-presidential system 
Population  146 880 432 million people
Life expectancy  71 years
Unemployment rate 5,2%
Inflation rate 3,5%
Average salary  42 550 rubles
Currency  Ruble (₽)
Official Language  Russian
Religion  Secular state

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