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About Austria

Austria is a small pearl of Central Europe.  It is the motherland of Mozart, Schubert, Freud and other outstanding personalities. There is a prejudice that the Austrians are moody and inhospitable, but the truth is far from it. You will see smiles on the streets and if you ask for help, you will certainly get it.  Austria is a surprisingly clean country, you will not find a cigarette butt or a carelessly thrown piece of paper on the street.

The architecture of Austria can take your breath away.  Such magnificent buildings as Ancient castles, abbeys, theaters, the Vienna Opera, will impress any tourist.

The country is also well-known for its ski resorts.  Skiing is considered as a national sport.  And what’s better than outside activities?

By joining the European Union in 1995, Austria opened promising prospects for businessmen, investors, and ordinary foreign nationals who made the decision to live, study and work in this beautiful and unique country.

Information on Austria for 2019
Capital  Vienna
Total area  83 879 km²
Political system  Federal Parliamentary Republic
Population  8 647 854 million people
Life expectancy  81 years
Unemployment rate 5.2 %
Inflation rate 2,4%
Average salary   € 40 900 per year
Currency  Euro (€)
Official Language  German, Hungarian, Slovenian languages
Religion  Catholicism

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