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About Estonia

Estonia is a country in the north-west of Europe with a very long history and distinctive culture. There is an active development in all spheres inside the country. Rich cultural heritage is well matched by innovations which extend into the daily life. Estonia can boast of excellent resorts, unique landscapes and monuments of architecture.

The rapid development of the economy, social policy, higher levels of health and other standards that have a positive effect in regard to the living conditions, should also be taken into account.

Why do so many people choose Estonia as an immigration prospect? Related mental outlook, stable exchange rate, simplified taxation as compared to other countries can be considered as main reasons. Additionally it should be mentioned that Estonia is an EU member state which is a huge advantage for almost all aspects of life.

Although Estonia is a small country, it can be categorized as a livable one. The national policy of the country is designed to promotion of business and attraction of foreign investments in the economy.

Estonian legislation is very demanding of documentation. That is why complete and timely filling of all papers can spare you from reprimands, fines, etc., and let the government to meet your needs. 

Information on Estonia for 2019
Capital  Tallin
Total area  45 227 km²
Political system  Parliamentary republic
Population  1 297 132 million people
Life expectancy  73.5 years
Unemployment rate 6.5%
Inflation rate 3.1%
Average salary  € 1300 per month
Currency  Euro (€)
Official Language  Estonian
Religion  Christianity 

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