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Brazilian permanent residency

Brazilian permanent visa (VIPER) is an equivalent to permanent residency permit and can be obtained on the grounds of:
Family reunification

This category includes:

  • Parents of Brazilian national in case they cannot take care of themselves;
  • Unmarried children under the age of 21 of Brazilian national in case they cannot take care of themselves;
  • Orphaned siblings and grandchildren under the age of 21 (age restrictions are lifted in case an individual cannot take care of himself).


An alien married to Brazilian national has the right for permanent residency at the day of application. The alien certificate (CIE) and RNE number will be issued in 40 days.


Retirees with a minimum monthly income of $2000. They also have the right for two dependents with the view of BRL 2000 for each.

On these grounds aliens engaged independently in the process of permanent residency obtaining

  • Foreign investors who are intended to invest their funds in current Brazilian business or start their own in Brazil;
  • Directors, heads of international companies, who are going to work in Brazil;
  • Highly qualified specialists employed in Brazil;
  • Representatives of religious organizations and clerics.

On these grounds aliens are going through the process of permanent residency obtaining via Brazil representatives.

The state fee collected for permanent residency application is $200 for all categories.

Documents required for permanent residency:
  1. Valid international passport;
  2. Filled application form;
  3. One color photo 50×50 mm;
  4. Proof of financial means;
  5. Marital status document (marriage certificate or divorce certificate);
  6. Police clearance certificate (for persons over 18 years).
  7. Proof of available dwelling (purchased or leased);

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