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Italian permanent residence

Permanent residence (Carta di soggiornopermanente) is a document, which entitles a foreigner with all the same rights that Italian citizens have, except the right to vote and be elected and the right to hold public office.

The basis on which a person can obtain permanent residence

  • Reunification of spouses or family as long as one member of the family is an Italian citizen or obtains permanent residence. Under aged children, dependant adult children, adopted children and children born out of wedlock can also be granted permanent residence.
  • If a person choses Italy as a place of residence. A foreigner can apply for permanent residence based on a previous legitimate five-year residence permit (if the person has previously met an array of requirements: a dwelling in Italy, a high and steady income abroad, owned or leased real estate on Italian territory).
  • Employment in Italy. Only for highly qualified workers with a higher education diploma and expertise in a certain sphere. The foreigner has to sign a long-term contract with the employer and after 5 years of legitimate resining in Italy, the person can be granted permanent residence.
  • Managing a business in Italy. A foreign entrepreneur that has a successful business in Italy, owns a business plan and did not violate the migration legislation can apply for permanent residence in 5 years.
  • Foreigners that invested numerous funds into Italian economy (from 500 000 to 2 million Euro) can apply for permanent residence after 5 years of legitimate residing in Italy.

People not allowed obtaining permanent residence:

  • Foreign students that study in Italian universities can renew their residence permit while they are studying, but after finishing, they need to either leave Italy or find a job and only after a fixed period they can be granted permanent residence.
  • Consuls, diplomats and their families.
  • Individuals that have been out of the EU territory for a year.
  • Individuals that have been out of Italy for 6 years.
  • Individuals who provided inaccurate documents while applying for permanent residence.
  • Individuals possessing other permanent residence
  • Deported individuals.

Required documents to obtain Italian permanent residence:

  • Copies of the foreigner’s passport.
  • A bank statement.
  • A certificate of criminal record and prosecution of the applicant.
  • A document stating the exact place of residence in the homeland of the applicant.
  • A copy of the last year’s bills of the foreigner (to confirm financial stability).

A document confirming the financial status of the foreigner, including the following data:

  1. Place of occupation, position and salary.
  2. An income statement of the company in which the foreigner works.
  3. A bank statement that confirms the foreigner’s possession of the sum enough to live in the country.
  • A document confirming that the foreigner possesses a dwelling in Italy (purchased or leased)
  • A document confirming that the foreigners does not have any public debts, particularly unpaid taxes.
  • A digital stamp.

Each foreigner applying for permanent residence in Italy has to pass a CILS test with the level A2.

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