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Partner Visas to Australia

Spouse Visa to Australia

Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309

This visa is issued to the spouse of a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, common-law partners, same-sex partners who have developed strong relationships, and they run a joint household.

This visa is temporary and is issued for 2 years. Then you can apply for a permanent visa Partner (Migrant) visa subclass 100.

Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309 gives you the right to:

  1. Stay in Australia until a permanent partner visa is issued (but not more than 2 years);
  2. Work in Australia;
  3. Study in Australia (the state will not provide support);
  4. Cross the Australian border an unlimited number of times;
  5. Attend free English classes for up to 510 hours in the Adult Migrant English Program;
  6. Register with Medicare.

In exceptional cases, when the couple has developed strong, long-term relationships, the Australian government can immediately issue a permanent Partner (Migrant) visa subclass 100 visa.

When applying for a visa, the candidate may also include family members (a dependent child) in the application. A family member must be healthy, complying with the requirements imposed by the Australian state, and locating outside of Australia.

Documents required for registration of the Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309:

  1. Copies of personal documents: certificate of birth, certificate of marriage \ divorce certified by a notary;
  2. Copies of accompanying documents: experience certificate, bank statement, etc. (do not require notarization);
  3. Accompanying documents, which are not in English, must be provided with a certified translation.

Documents required for Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309:

  1. Receipt of payment of visa fees;
  2. A copy of the birth certificate, where the names of both parents are indicated;
  3. 1 coloured photograph on a white background with the size of 4.5 × 3.5;
  4. A copy of the pages of the passport with the personal information about the applicant;
  5. Certificate of marriage or divorce, certificate of change of name (if any);
  6. Written permission from the applicant to provide his personal information to migration agents or authorized recipients of the 956 form or 956A form;
  7. Provide proof of the sincerity of the relationship with your partner. If you are married to a citizen or a permanent resident, provide a marriage certificate. If you are in a common-law marriage, provide the proof of sincerity and long-term relationship, as well as the proof that you stay in touch with each other, even during a period of long separation (photos of trips, joint housing rent, joint household running, correspondence, etc. );
  8. Form 888 form which is filled in by a witness of your relationship (partner’s parent, family member, relative, friend, etc.);
  9. Additional evidence that your relationship is de facto lasting more than 12 months. If the relationship is lasting less than 12 months, explain the reason why a foreigner wants to get this visa;
  10. Filled and signed 80 form;
  11. Police Clearance certificate from Australia, if you have lived on its territory for more than 12 months for the last 10 years from the age of 16;
  12. Police Clearance certificate from the home country, as well as from the countries in which you lived for more than 12 months for the last 10 years from the age of 16; 
  13. If the applicant is accompanied by an under-age child (under 18):
    1. Copy of birth certificate;
    2. Proof of your relationship with the child (birth, marriage certificate, etc.);
    3. Characteristics if the child is 16 or 17 years old;
    4. Documents on adoption (if applicable to the given case);
    5. Proof of enrollment in a school, college or university (if applicable);
    6. Proof of sole custody (if applicable);
    7. Child’s consent for immigration to Australia 1229 form (filled in by the person who accompanies the child, the photo, the copy of passport or driver’s license should be attached).

Depending on the circumstances of the applicant, additional documents may be required.

Applications for this visa are reviewed at the Australian High Commission

 in London. The term of consideration of the visa is from 8 to 14 days. You can send documents by courier or electronically (when filling in an application, you must choose the location of the office in London).

To obtain a partner visa, a bride, student and guest visas, as well as to obtain citizenship by origin, documents must be obligatorily sent by courier to the address of the Australian embassy in the UK.

Payment of visa fees is processed exclusively with a bank card in Australian dollars or by check drawn in the name of the Australian High Commission in pounds sterling.

Visa Application Center in London

Suite 100,

43 Bedford Street,


United Kingdom

Embassy phone:

+44 20 7379 4334



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