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Residence permit in Latvia

In order to apply for residence permit an alien should contact the Consulate of Latvia or the local Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Latvian residence permit is a plastic ID-card with information on the holder. It is issued for 1-year period with possible extension for 5 years and and is a plastic ID-card that contains information about the owner.

Foreigners that can be granted residence permit:

  • Aliens on the grounds of family reunification;
  • Aliens wishing to start a business in Latvia;
  • Aliens employed in Latvia;
  • Aliens educated in Latvia;
  • Investors;
  • Aliens purchased property in Latvia;
  • Research scientist;
  • Aliens undergoing treatment in Latvia;
  • Aliens engaged in religious activities in Latvia;
  • Aliens who hold the Blue Card (EU);
  • Aliens who were nationals of Latvia until June 17, 1940.

Residence permit for family members

Latvian citizen or resident, who lives in the country on the basis of permanent residence permit, is eligible to reunify with his family:

  1. Spouse;
  2. Minor children;
  3. Parents;
  4. Blood relatives.

Residence permit for businesspersons, investors, real estate owners

Foreign national wishing to start a business in Latvia has to:

  1. Have an approved business plan;
  2. Invest a minimum authorized capital of € 2800;
  3. Prove the company has been established more than a year ago at the time of application (in order to avoid the fake residence permit).

Foreign national is eligible for residence permit in the basis of purchasing of real estate property in Latvia amounting to at least € 250 000 and payment of state fee amounting to 5 per cent of the value.

The changes that have been made in the legislation of Latvia allow acquiring property not only from Latvian nationals but also from persons registered in the territory of Latvia.

The payments must be made through the bank in order to avoid the incidents of fraud

An alien who wishes to obtain residence permit by investments into the country’s economy is obliged:

  1. To conclude a contract with credit companies for up to minimum period of 5 years for a contract sum of € 280 000.
  2. Invest money in Latvian entrepreneurship:
  1. Annual company’s turnover is more than € 10 000 000, more than 50 staff members, the sum of invested resources is € 150 000.
  2. Annual company’s turnover is less than € 10 000 000, more than 50 staff members, the sum of invested resources is € 35 000.

The total sum of annual state tax should be no less than € 40 000.

Residence permit by employment

  • Work permit for alien is required for being employed in Latvia. Residence permit is issued for a 1-year period with possible extensions for 5 years.  An alien’s pay shall not be less than € 860 per month. 

  • An alien is not entitled to change his employer for 1-year period.

  • Latvian company wishing to hire an alien must inform the State Employment Agency. Within one month it must verify that there were no Latvian or EU candidates for this vacancy. 

Residence permit by higher education

Residence permit is issued for the whole period of study.

The grounds for residence permit are submission of a document on admission to higher education institution and availability of funds sufficient for living in the country (for 2018 the official amount is € 430 per month).

The teaching languages in universities are Latvian, English and Russian.  For training in English IELTS or TOEFL certificate must be submitted by a student.

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