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Consultation on immigration, assistance in the process of residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship acquiring.

In order to make the best choice of one service or another we recommend you to consult with our experts on immigration law. 

You will receive an oral or written response from our competent specialists on the matter of correct document preparation for immigration, strategy for residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship acquiring and on any other inquiries.

Consultations are held with the support of experts in European and international law.

There are preliminary free-of-charge consultations by phone. Additionally, you may check useful information on issues relating to immigration in the respective section of our website.

Detailed consultations are provided by fee and usually lasts for 1 hour. If you have additional questions unrelated to the paperwork, we will be happy to answer them for free.

Consultation on the issues of immigration abroad. Assistance in the process of visas, residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship obtaining:
  • Advice in connection with visitor's visas for business trips and visits to family and friends
  • Advice in connection with status of visas, procedure for status and categories changing
  • Advice in connection with residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship obtaining
  • Consultations on type of the visa in regard with your aims and possibilities; comparison of programs for residence permits and permanent residence in the country of choice and selection of the optimal one
  • Consultations on the issues of immigration by employment, setting up a business, entrepreneurship or investments
  • Consultations on immigration issues for family members of EU-nationals
  • Consultations on the issues of family reunification and visas for spouses, same-sex partners, fiancés, fiancées
  • Dealing with denials of visas, residence permits and permanent residence

Consultation fee – UAH 500

Consultation on the issues of setting up a business:
  • Advice on the issues of starting and operating a business in the country of your choice
  • Requirements and procedure for starting various types of business
  • Advice on the issues of tax law
  • Advice with regard to protecting the rights and interests of shareholders of the company

Consultation fee – UAH 500

Consultation on the issues of real estate:
  • Advice in respect of marriage
  • Advice in respect of divorce
  • Advice in respect of property and non-property disputes between relatives, assistance in registration of inheritance abroad

Consultation fee – UAH 500

  • Advice in respect of purchasing of a real property by non-residents
  • Advice on the issues of taxes and fees for non-residents during the process of purchasing and maintaining of immovable property
  • Real estate seller documents inspection (in order to prevent fraud), property valuation in accordance with market prices

Consultation fee – UAH 500

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For consultation and more detailed information feel free to contact our company. We will help you to prepare all the necessary documents. We offer complete support at all stages of preparation as well as confidentiality and transparency without overpayments. Guarantee of success – 100 %.

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