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The most common questions

For how long is it allowed to stay in Schengen countries on the basis of European residence permit or second citizenship obtained through investments?

With European “golden visa” (residence permit) or a second citizenship of one of the Caribbean countries, you can stay in the Schengen area for 90 days during a 180-day period. With citizenship of Cyprus or Malta you can stay in Schengen countries indefinitely.

Is it possible for couples in civil partnerships to obtain citizenship?

The right decision would be to apply for Cypriot citizenship. This is the only program in the world that allows unmarried couples to get a second passport.

For how long is it required to retain investments in the economy when applying for residence permit or second citizenship?

Almost all government programs for issuing residence permits or citizenship on the grounds of investments require investor funds be retained in the economy for 5 years. Exceptions exist, however.

How the low state of health can affect the process of citizenship issuance?

Serious infectious disease, e.g. HIV-infection, can be the only obstacle. In case of treatable condition there won’t be any problem.

Is it possible to live in one of Schengen countries on the basis residence permit for other Schengen country?

Residence permit for one of Schengen countries give the right for residence only inside this particular country. If you are interested in other countries, the best option will be to obtain EU passport.

EU citizenship by birth: will a child acquire the status automatically?

If you want your child to receive the EU citizenship by birth, you should apply for the EU passport for yourself at this point.

It is obligatory for me to reside in the country of my second citizenship?

According to state citizenship programmes you are not obliged to live in the country. You can view your second citizenship as an alternate option or move to take up permanent residence at any moment.

Deprivation of citizenship: the risk for an investor?

It is possible for passport to be suspended in case you violate the terms of investment programme. Investments are not recovered.

Can I choose where to pay taxes if I have 2 passports?

Person possessing two or more passports can choose the country where he is going to pay taxes.

Is it possible to have two or more residence permits at the same time in Schengen countries?

If possession of several residence permits in Europe meets your goals, no one has the right to forbid you to hold them. But do not forget that an ordinary (non-investment) residence permit obliges you to reside in the country for at least 183 days per year.

Is it necessary for Europe to have an international driver's license?

Either or both domestic or international driver’s license may be required while travelling around Europe by own or rented car. There are different requirements for the documents that the driver must provide depending on the country’s adoption of the Geneva or Vienna Convention.

Where it is possible to “buy” EU citizenship?

Buying of European citizenship usually implies passport acquiring in exchange for investments into the country’s economy, business developing or securities. For this reason it is considered that citizenship can be bought in any country where investment programme approved and launched.

In what way EU citizenship can be obtained?

EU citizenship can be obtained by blood, marriage, naturalization, business, investments or refugee aspects. The quickest and easiest way supposes investments in country’s economy.

What countries grant a citizenship by birth of a child?

There are eight countries in Europe, such as Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, as well as the USA and many countries in South America and Africa that grant a citizenship on the grounds of birth of a child.

What is the highest number of citizenship a Ukrainian national may hold?

The constitution of Ukraine prohibits the second citizenship, but at the same time there is no responsibility for the second citizenship acquiring and absence of procedure for citizenship deprivation.
You can obtain your second passport in the country which is not obliged to inform Ukrainian state about it. Therefore, there is no legal precedent for the deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship.

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