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New Zealand


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About New Zealand

New Zealand is a “green island”, a country of contrasts. It has absorbed a unique nature. Here you can find high snow-covered mountains, active volcanoes, fjords, wild beaches, dense forests, which very much resemble jungles and endless green fields. Unique fact! There are no predators in New Zealand! But at the same time,…

Visitor\tourist visa of New Zealand

Tourist\Visitor Visa is issued for up to 9 months. On the grounds of this visa a person has the right to travel on the territory of New Zealand, visit friends and relatives, take short-term courses (up to 12 weeks). On the territory of New Zealand a person has the right…

Visitor visa (Crew membes) to New Zealand

Crew members of aircraft or ships – foreign citizens, assigned to a ship or aircraft, have right to open this visa for a term up to 28 days. Documents required to apply for a Visitor visa for crew members of ships must be provided in original or photocopy certified by…

Family visa to New Zealand

New Zealand family visa is divided into several categories: Partner Visa is a visa for foreigners that issued to the spouse or partner of a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand, as well as to children who are “dependent” for permanent residence in New Zealand. To apply for this…

Business visa to New Zealand

Long Term Business Visa/Permit – visa given to foreign citizens, who want to open a business on the territory of New Zealand. This visa issued for a term up to 9 months with the right to extend it up to 3 years under certain conditions: 1. Availability of a detailed…

Investor visa to New Zealand

New Zealand legistation allows foreigners to open 2 categories of visa on the basis of large investment into country’s economy – Investor Plus (Investor 1 Category) and Investor (Investor 2 Category). After 2 years from the day of money investment to New Zealand economy investor has to give evidences that…

Transit Visa

This type of visa is granted to persons who need to transit through the territory of New Zealand. This type of visa is issued for a period of 24 hours. Also, the person must be located in the transit zone of the airport. The documents necessary for processing a Transit…

Limited Visa

Limited Visa – it is not a separate type of visa, but a subtype of a working or student visa. Limited Visa is issued for a short-term, strictly limited period of time. If the New Zealand Migration Service suspects that there is a risk that a person will remain on its…

Student Visa to New Zealand

For young people to go to university in New Zealand is a great way to stay in the country. New Zealand is interested in training young people who will continue to work for its economy, not to mention that the training is paid and the country’s treasury is also replenished….

New Zealand Immigration Points Calculator

Free assessment for immigration to New Zealand Here you can get a free and anonymous eligibility score in accordance with the requirements of New Zealand immigration law. You must score at least 100 out of 325 possible points.

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