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Brazilian citizenship

An individual can obtain Brazilian citizenship on the following grounds:
Birth right

Any person born in Brazil automatically receive the citizenship irrespective of the legal status of parents. The only exceptions are when the parents serve another state (diplomats, consuls, etc.)

Birth abroad

  1. A child born to a Brazil national who is in a civil service or government service outside the country;
  2. A child born to a Brazil national and whose birth was registered at the Brazilian consulate;
  3. A child born to a Brazil national who has returned to the country with the intention to live there on a permanent basis (should be proved in federal court).


Aliens have the right for Brazilian citizenship in case they:

  1. Legally reside in the country on the grounds of permanent residency;
  2. Legally reside in the country for the minimum period of 4 years (with short periods of leave);
  3. Fluent in Portuguese;
  4. Have sufficient funds for living in Brazil.

The period of 4-year legal residency in Brazil is shortened under the following conditions:

  1. Marriage with Brazilian national;
  2. Alien’s child is a Brazilian national;
  3. Alien’s father or mother is a Brazilian national;
  4. Alien’s home country official language is Portuguese;
  5. Alien with an accomplished professional, creative and scientific activities is entitled to submit documents for citizenship acquiring after 2 years of legal residency in the country;
  6. Alien with a sufficient financial savings is entitled to submit documents for citizenship acquiring after 3 years of legal residency in the country;

The main list of documents for citizenship acquiring in Brazil:

  1. International passport (old and expired passports will be required as well);
  2. National passport;
  3. Birth certificate of foreign national and his children (if any);
  4. Marital status document (marriage certificate or divorce certificate);
  5. Four color photos;
  6. Police clearance certificate within the last 10 years;
  7. Proof of available dwelling in Brazil (purchased or leased);
  8. Document on financial eligibility of the applicant and document confirming the foreign national did not apply to the state for social assistance;
  9. Certificate of paid taxes;
  10. State fees payment receipts;
  11. A clean bill of health confirming the absence of chronic and infectious diseases, as well as diseases dangerous to others (medical examination is carried out in Brazil at any clinic);
  12. Successfully pass the test on language proficiency and county’s culture, history and legislation.

In order to obtain citizenship a foreign national must request the National Immigration Council of the country. On average, each request is considered for 6 months.  The decision to grant citizenship to a foreign national is considered by the Brazilian Department of Citizenship and Naturalization of the Ministry of Justice of Brazil.

Citizenship granting is conducted in the form of ceremony where a foreign national must take an oath of loyalty. Only after that he is officially recognized as Brazilian citizen.

Brazil recognizes dual citizenship since 1994. However, it is required to present a Brazilian passport on entry to the country.

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