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Citizenship - Quick registration of a second passport

The second passport is a document that makes you to feel free and safe and allows you to expand your horizon of possibilities.

Ferrata Group offers the full list of services for second passport acquisition in EU-countries as well as in other countries of the world within the shortest possible time. We provide our clients with the wide spectrum of services and complete support starting from gathering and preparation of documents and ending with second passport issuance.

Let’s consider the benefits of second passport:
  • The possibility of thorough education for your children in the best education establishments of the world
  • Employment opportunities in regards to prestige and well-paid job and realization of your internal potential
  • Access for high-quality medical services
  • The possibility for setting up a business, access to country’s credit, tax exemptions
  • The possibility to conduct trials in the country of your choice
  • Social, economic and political safety
Major ways of second citizenship obtaining are:
  • Investment in the national economy is quick and convenient way for citizenship obtaining. For this purpose business, securities or real estate investments are required (the amount to be invested depends on the country’s program)
  • Marriage to a citizen of the country
  • Naturalization, which is a legal residence during a definite period of time in the chosen country
  • Birth right is the option for citizenship obtaining. In this regard it is required to prove your connection with the country, or with your relatives who were born or still reside there

The second passport is a guarantee for visa-free regime, possibility to set up and develop legal and profitable business in conditions of advanced economy, as well as educate your children in best higher education institutions of the world.

Have you decided to acquire the second passport and wish the process to be successful?  In this case you should contact the Ferrata Group’s team of professionals. We will provide you with the complete support, legal and other services throughout all stages of documents preparation process. We guarantee transparency, confidentiality and cost efficiency for you.


For consultation and more detailed information we encourage you contact our company. We will help you to collect and arrange all the necessary documents. We offer complete support at all stages of preparation, as well as confidentially, transparency and cost-efficacy. A 100% guarantee of success.

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