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Republic of South Africa


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About Republic of South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in the African continent. The country has turbulent history. However, it is consistent with its local unique culture. The country is very rich in its exclusive fauna. It has both penguins and giraffes with leopards, and it is such a rare…

Residence permit in South Africa

Residence permit (temporary residence) can be obtained in South Africa on the following grounds: Kinship ties; Education in South Africa; Employment; Business in South Africa; High income of retirees. For residence permit it is necessary to gather all required documents and personally apply to South African Consulate in home country. 

Permanent residence in South Africa

Foreign citizen is eligible to apply for permanent residence if he has been lawfully living in South Africa for the minimum period of 5 years on the basis of residence permit. Upon 5 years of legal residence in South Africa individuals with business visa or work visa, as well as…

South African citizenship

Under the South African Citizenship Act No.88 of 1995 and amendments No.17 of 2004 citizenship can be acquired by birth, origin, naturalization, restoration or registration. Citizenship can be obtained automatically by children born inside South Africa if either parent is a South African national/resident. Citizenship can be obtained automatically by…

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