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About Belgium

Belgium is a small country in northern Europe. It seems to be a conservative country with long-standing traditions that is also demonstrated by the form of government – the monarchy. The country is famous for its architecture, painting and certainly the chocolate, which is quite popular with tourists. Tourism is an important component of Belgium GDP, namely 4 per cent. Let us not forget that there is a European Union headquarters in Brussels, as well as NATO.

Belgians are bookish and tradition-bound, however they are friendly and always ready to help. Beer is justly considered to be the national drink.

Belgium is a comfortable and clean country with preserved identity, its own attitudes and worldviews. However, having moved here, you will not regret this even for a second and realize that you made the best choice.

Information on Belgium for 2019
Capital  Brussels
Total area  30 528 km²
Political system  Constitutional monarchy
Population  11 549 567 million people
Life expectancy  82 years
Unemployment rate 6,4%
Inflation rate 2,3%
Average salary  € 2 530 per month
Currency  Euro (€)
Official Language  German, French, Dutch languages
Religion  Catholicism

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