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Student visa for Australia

Student visa (subclass 500)

From July 1, 2016, Australia has simplified student visa issuance by combining them into one subclass 500. Also, for a person accompanying an under-age child for studying, there is the possibility to open a subclass 590 visa.

Stages of registration of a student visa:

  1. Choosing a program of studying;
  2. Once the educational institution receives and examines your application for admission, they will ask you to write a Letter of Offer;
  3. Choose a course of study and fully pay the invoice issued by the educational institution;
  4. Pay medical insurance (most often the insurance is issued by an educational institution or is already included in the  invoice);
  5. After receiving the payment, the school will issue an electronic confirmation of your admission to the course (electronic Confirmation of Enrolment). This is required for a student visa issuance;
  6. You can then apply for a student visa.

Student visa features:

  • The student must be enrolled in a full-time studying course, which is registered in the CRICOS system;
  • Level of knowledge of English should correspond to the chosen program of studying;
  • The student must have the necessary level of academic training to study at the chosen program and provide all the necessary documents proving the knowledge;
  • The student must have the necessary funds to pay for the flight, housing, food, training. If the applicant has a spouse or under-age children, he also must have the funds for their maintenance. If the applicant doesn’t provide confirmation of the availability of finances, he will be denied the visa without explaining the reasons.
  • Have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

From June 30, 2013, the issuance  of insurance for students in Australia is organized by five organizations: ahm OSHC (, Allianz Global Assistance (, BUPA Australia (, Medibank Private (, NIB OSHC (

Student must:

  • Show a good academic result;
  • Should study at an educational institution at least 12 months. If the course is less than 12 months, then for the whole period of study. In case of violation of this condition, the visa can be canceled, and the person will be obliged to leave the territory of Australia.

The visa allows students:

  • Take a course in Australia;
  • Cross the border of Australia unlimited number of times;
  • Work 40 hours every 2 weeks after starting the course;
  • Arrange another temporary or permanent visa, if possible.

The documents required for the Student Visa:

    1. Copies of personal documents: birth certificate, certificate of marriage / divorce certified by a notary public;
    2. Copies of the accompanying documents: an experience certificate, a bank statement, etc. which are not required to be notarized;
    3. The accompanying documents, which are not in English, must be provided with a certified translation.

Required Documents:

  1. Receipt of a visa fee payment;
  2. A completed and signed application 157A form;
  3. Applicant’s written permission of supplying his personal information to migration agents or authorized recipients of 956 form or 956A form;
  4. 1 coloured photograph on a white background with the size of 4.5×3.5;
  5. Copies of the passport with the information about the applicant;
  6. Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment;
  7. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC);
  8. Motivation letter (per 1 page);
  9. Documents confirming earlier international trips (copies of visas);
  10. Documents confirming the level of knowledge of English and educational documents (IELTS, TOELF certificate, etc., diploma of education, certificate of courses completion, etc.);
  11. Documents confirming employment (in the past and present);
  12. Documents confirming the availability of necessary funds to pay for the flight, housing, food, training. If the applicant has a spouse or under-age children, he also must have the funds for their maintenance (the amount is calculated in accordance with the Assessment level);
  13. A notarized copy of the birth certificate of the children included in the application, for the under-age children there must be a confirmation of enrollment in the school of Australia;
  14. If the applicant is under the age of 18:
    1. A notarized copy of the birth certificate mentioning the applicant’s parents;
    2. A notarized authorization from parents or one of the parents to travel to Australia for study purposes if they do not accompany the under-age child or a document of deprivation of parental rights of one of the parents.
    3. Copies of passports of parents or one of the parents who do not accompany the under-age child or another document certifying their identity;
    4. Police clearance certificate on the sponsoring party;
    5. Confirmation from the educational institution of the appropriate conditions created for a comfortable stay of students in Australia during the educational period.
  15. If the applicant is accompanied by his spouse or partner, it will be necessary to confirm the relationship (marriage certificate, photos of the joint rest, etc.)

Depending on the circumstances, the applicant may need additional documents.

Applications for this visa are considered by the Australian High Commission in London. The period of examination of the visa is from 18 to 74 days (depends on the studying program and the chosen educational institution). You can send documents by courier service or electronically (when filling out the application, you need to choose the location of the office in London).

To apply for a visa of a partner, bride, student and guest visas, as well as to obtain citizenship by origin, documents must be sent by courier to the address of the Australian Embassy in the UK.

Visa fees are paid exclusively with a bank card in Australian dollars or a check drawn in the name of the Australian High Commission in pounds sterling.

Visa Center in London:

Suite 100,

43 Bedford Street,


United Kingdom

Embassy Phone:

+44 20 7379 4334



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