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Student visa from 3 months

For young people to go to university in New Zealand is a great way to stay in the country. New Zealand is interested in training young people who will continue to work for its economy, not to mention that the training is paid and the country’s treasury is also replenished.

Fee Paying Student Visa – is given to students students who  study more than 3 months for studying at universities, colleges, attending language courses, etc.

Validity of this visa is 4 years. The student must apply for it and enter the educational institution.

Since education in New Zealand is fee-based, with the approval of the visa, students are required to pay for the first year of study, as well as to have the means to stay and return ticket (the average amount is 15,000 NZ $ per year).

Pathway Student Visa – students who receive a period of study of more than 3 months are issued to study in several programs (up to 3).

Validity of this visa is 5 years.

The student provides a certificate of the school’s readiness to accept him or her, as well as a education plan.

Documents required for a student visa from 3 months must be submitted in original or notarized photocopy, as well as in English or translated into English by a registered translation agency.

Documents required for a student visa from 3 months of study:

  1. Valid international passport (original) or other travel document for each applicant included in the application. The validity of the passport must be at least 3 months from the date of departure from the territory of New Zealand;
  2. Application form INZ 1012 for a student visa with the signature and the date of filling of the applicant and a form with additional information;
  3. 2 photos of 4.5×3.5 in size from each applicant (on the reverse side the name and surname of the applicant is written);
  4. Confirmation of funds (one of the documents):
    1. Certificate of employment or contract;
    2. Recent bank statement;
    3. A document from a bank that confirms the availability of funds on a credit card, if the card is mentioned as proof of the availability of funds;
    4. Sponsorship form INZ1025 (filled out and signed by a sponsor who lives in New Zealand)
  5. Receipt of payment of visa fees;
  6. Return ticket or guarantee of departure from the territory of New Zealand in accordance with the sponsorship form.
  7. Medical form. Issued no earlier than 3 months before applying for a visa. Filled, signed and stamped by a doctor designated by the immigration authorities of New Zealand:
    1. If the applicant \ ‘s applicants plan to stay in New Zealand for more than 6 months – the form INZ1096 is provided (each applicant is over 11 years old);
    2. If the applicant \ ‘s applicants plan to be in New Zealand for more than 12 months – the forms NZ1007 and INZ1096 are provided.
  8. If the applicant / applicants who have reached the age of 17 are planning to stay in New Zealand for more than 2 years, they are obliged to provide a certificate of good conduct in the territory of the country of residence, as well as the same certificate where they had lived for 5 years since they reached age of 17. The certificate must be issued no earlier than 6 months from the date of submission of documents for the visa;
  9. An invitation from the educational institution of New Zealand. The invitation for foreign students must meet the requirements of NZQA, contain the name of the course and the minimum period of study that is necessary for its completion. Important! Payment of tuition, as well as an air ticket is not a 100% guarantee for issuing a visa. We do not recommend paying until a visa is approved in principle (Approved in Principle).
  10. Check list for student visa documents;
  11. Guaranteed availability of housing in New Zealand;
  12. Information that indicates the previous experience of learning English to demonstrate the level of interest in learning English and compliance with the requirements of the New Zealand curriculum, which is conducted in English (IELTS certificate, TOEFL).

Categories of students who can work 20 hours a week and during the winter holidays:

  1. Students who complete a full course of study in a private school or university for at least 2 academic years or undergo a full course of study that ends with a qualification in New Zealand, for which points will be awarded within the Skilled Migrant Category;
  2. Pupils of the 12th and 13th years of study who complete a full course of study and with permission from their parents and the school;
  3. Students who complete a full course of study in a private school or university for at least 6 months, provided that the initial goal was to develop language skills, and an IELTS certificate is available with an overall rating of at least 5 points at the time of applying for a student visa Zealand.

Documents that may also be required:

  • Applicants who are under the age of 18 and who wish to visit the territory of New Zealand without being accompanied by their parents or accompanied by one parent must have a written permission notarized by one or both parents or a guardian’s permission;
  • Certificate of birth of children (if included in the application) and guardianship documents;
  • A copy of the student card, a certificate from the school (students, schoolchildren);
  • Double-sided photocopy of the national passport (pages with stamps and records);
  • Double-sided photocopy of passport (pages with stamps and records);
  • Certificate of marriage, divorce (if any);
  • Proof of civil marriage (if any);
  • Other information confirming the purpose of the trip to New Zealand and the motivation to return home.The term of consideration of the application is on average 2 weeks, but, depending on the circumstances, may be extended.The visa officer reserves the right to request photographs, documents, as well as other information that will facilitate the decision and invite the applicant for an interview.

Obtaining a work visa for graduates

Graduation visa Obtaining a work visa valid from 1 year to 3 years.

Post Study Work Visa Open for 1 year to graduates:

  • Diploma programs 4-6 levels (the duration of training at least 60 weeks);
  • Diploma programs of level 7 (the duration of study is at least 30 weeks).

Graduate Diploma Level 7 graduates who work to obtain local professional registration are eligible for 1 additional year for a work visa (2 years in total).

Post Study Work Visa Open for 2 years to graduates:

  • Graduate degree programs 4-7 if they studied outside of Auckland.

This rule is valid for graduates who have completed training before December 2021.

Graduate Diploma Level 7 graduates who study outside of Auckland are eligible for additional professional registration (3 years in total).

After 2021, Work Visa will be issued on a general basis, for 1 year + 1 additional year for graduates. Graduate Diploma of Grade 7, working for local professional registration.

Post Study Work Visa Open for 3 years to graduates:

  • Undergraduate Level 7 programs;
  • Programs of 8-10 levels.

Invitation from the employer or no Invitation. This type of visa allows you to hold any position in any field of activity. However, to obtain the status of a candidate, it is necessary to work according to the acquired profession.


  • Buying a ticket is not a 100% guarantee for issuing a visa! We do not recommend making an air ticket purchase until a visa is approved in principle (Approved in Principle).
  • At the moment, documents for registration of a New Zealand visa are submitted through the official website of the Immigration Service of New Zealand.
  • In the passport the visa is not pasted, and issued in electronic form (eVisa).
  • To apply for a visa, you must create an account in RealMe, after which you can upload documents and apply for a visa.
  • The applicant’s passport requires verification.
  • Visa fees are paid exclusively by credit card.

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