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Residence permit in Lithuania

Residence permit of the Republic of Lithuania is a one or two-year term document which allows residing lawfully in the country.

Benefits of Lithuanian residence permit:

  • Visa-free visiting of Schengen countries and many other countries in the world;
  • Visas to Canada, USA, Australia, UK without leaving the territory of Lithuania;
  • Possibility to take loans from Lithuanian banks;
  • Possibility to purchase the real estate property;
  • Possibility to start a business in Lithuania;
  • Official employment;
  • Education in high educational institutions;
  • Possibility to purchase cars and other vehicles; as well as to obtain a driver license.

Acquisition of Lithuanian residence permit is possible under the following conditions:

  • Family reunification.
  • Marriage with Lithuanian national;
  • Employment;
  • Business entries in Lithuania;
  • Higher education in Lithuania;
  • Scientific activities in the territory of Lithuania;
  • Refugees;
  • Undergoing long-term treatment in Lithuania.

Family reunification:

  1. Minor dependents if either parent reside in Lithuania on the basis of residence permit, or is a Lithuanian national/resident;
  2. Dependent parents of Lithuanian national, resident or temporary resident;
  3. Children of Lithuanian nationals, residents or temporary residents who require constant care due to disabilities or serious disease;
  4. Adopted dependents if either parent reside in Lithuania on the basis of residence permit, or is a Lithuanian national/resident;
  5. Parent of a child residing in Lithuania on the basis of refugee status;
  6. Parent of a Lithuanian national.

The spouse of Lithuanian national, resident or temporary resident who resides in the country for the period of at least 2 years if the marriage was contracted in the territory of the country.

Employment in Lithuania

In order to be legally employed in Lithuania it is required to have a job offer from employer and submit an application with all necessary documents for residence permit.

While staff selection the Lithuanian company is looking for an employee among nationals and residents firstly. Only in case there are no suitable candidates among them, the company is eligible to hire foreign national. The search lasts for a one month. 

Main requirements for an alien:

  1. Possess the necessary qualification confirmed by diploma, certificates of completion of courses or seminars, etc.
  2. Have work experience for more than a year.

Documents entitling to work in Lithuania are submitted to Labour Exchange office.

Documents for residence permit are submitted to the Immigration Office, Consulate or Embassy of Lithuania.

Business entries in Lithuania:

Foreign national wishing to start his business in Lithuania is obliged to be its owner, executive or shareholder (not less than 1/3 of equities).

In order to avoid fake business entries with the aim of obtaining a resident status it is required to register the business in Lithuania at least 6 months immediately preceding the date of residence permit granting.

Residence permit can be obtained under the following conditions:

  • Have a business plan for the minimum period of 6 months;
  • Hire at least one Lithuanian citizen or resident with wage of not less than €1600;
  • Authorized capital:
  1. Joint stock company – not less than € 28 000;
  2. Company’s shareholders – not less than € 14 000;
  3. Limited liability company – not less than € 2900.

Lithuanian legislation also permits the purchase of already existing business with the right for further residence permit. 

Education in Lithuania:

One of the main benefits of Lithuanian diploma is that it is recognized in all EU countries. There are also universities and colleges in Lithuania with organized teaching in the language of students’ preference, which simplifies the process of education a lot.

In case the education program lasts for more than a year, residence permit is granted automatically.

Upon graduation an alien can find a job in Lithuania that will allow him to stay in the country with further permanent residence acquisition, as well as citizenship obtaining after 10 years of residence. 

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