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Temporary residence permit

Temporary Residence Permit - temporary travel abroad
Temporary residence permit is a document identifying the foreign citizen. It gives person the right to reside in the country and freely cross its borders. The validity period of residence permit shall be set in consideration of the legislation of the country. Ferrata Group offers the full list of services in order to obtain residence permit in EU-countries as well as in other countries of the world within the shortest possible time. We provide our clients with the wide spectrum of services and complete support starting from gathering and preparation of documents and ending with residence permit obtaining.
Main advantages of residence permit are:
  • Legal residence in the country
  • Possibility of real estate acquisition
  • Unlimited cross-border activities without hindrance
  • Right to undertake the entrepreneurial activities
  • Right to medical care
  • Right to education in private and public education establishments
  • Right to driving license obtaining and vehicles acquisition
  • Visa-free traveling in Schengen zone (in case the country is a member state of Schengen Area)
Major ways of temporary residence permit obtaining are as follows:
  • Real estate acquisition (in case it is prescribed by the law of the country)
  • Investments in the national economy (the amount to be invested depends on the legislation requirements)
  • Setting up of a business within the country with provision of employment opportunities
  • Marriage to a citizen of the country
  • Family reunification with a family members living in the country
  • Education in the country of your choice
  • Undergo a long-term treatment in the medical facility
  • Engagement in official activities in the country (diplomat, international representative of various organizations, a member of the official delegation)
  • Prominent services to the state, volunteering activities
  • Refugees

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